AK 2010 Is Over, Time For Real Life

The last two days in Alaska were amazing! We had beautiful blue bird days and the snow pack stabilized, giving us a green light to ski on some steeper and more exposed slopes. I ended up finishing my Alaskan adventure skiing an awesome knife-edge ridge that seemed to go forever which left me exhausted and adrenaline filled at the bottom! Now, after a not so nice red eye flight from Anchorage to Salt Lake, and a tired drive from Utah back to Idaho, I’m finally back in Sun Valley… time for real life again.

My trip was amazing and I have a bunch of people to thank for helping me, be sure to check out all of their websites!!!

Sun Valley Resort:
Thanks for giving me a place to ski and train all winter, couldn’t have done it with out a world-class home mountain!

Sun Valley Ski Patrol:
Thank you for the financial help, I wouldn’t have been able to have this amazing experience with out help from all of you guys and girls!

Chums/Beyond Coastal Sun Care:
Thanks for all the great products that helped me keep my face from frying, and thanks for helping me out financially.


Black Diamond Equipment:
Thanks for making such awesome and reliable gear!

Thanks to Penelope’s Café for feeding me, and for supporting my skiing all winter!

Pictures form the last days of the trip are on my latest post: CLICK HERE

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One comment on “AK 2010 Is Over, Time For Real Life
  1. Donald Tepe says:

    Awesome article man…