Another Week In AK

I haven’t had time to write/post the last few days so here is a crash-course of my week:

April 1st Filmed on resort
April 2nd Amazing tour, summited and skied Pastoral Peak (tour only took 10hours haha)
April 3rd Sled Skiing on Seattle Ridge, the snowmobile side of Turnagain Pass, SICK!
(Huge natural avalanche ripped out on other side the ridge while we were filming)
April 4th Weather Day (poached some hot tubs)
April 5th Snowed 30in skied/filmed at Alyeska Resort (Candy and Cody left)
April 6th Went touring with avalanche forecaster Matt Murphy and learned a lot!!!

So far today we slept in till 11, stalked a moose, i got attacked by a dog(ish), and we’ve been in a coffee shop for 5hours going threw pictures and doing internet stuff…Oh and another high note, my eyes are getting less black, which is awesome! We are planning on putting in some 12hr days Thursday and Friday pushing to make the last frames of our AK trip really sick.

There are lots of sick pictures in the gallery below please check them out:
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[flagallery gid=10 name=”Yeeeeehaaaa!!!”]

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  1. jim says:

    this is awesome man