Day Tour: Titus Lake Area

Yesterday, I went on an amazing day tour with my friend and rippin-tele-chick Simone Kastner. We were greeted with a blue bird day and warm sun as we started our hike out Titus Ridge from the top of Galena Summit. With no new snow in the last few weeks, the a hike out was on hard, wind scoured, snow. However, a few hundred vert below the ridges, we were surprised to find some really good skiing. After a two-ish hour hike out, we skied a fun alpine style line to start things off. Then we hiked back up to find one of the last remaining pillow lines in the area! Our second descent lead us into the flats, but a short double pole through the plains put us right back at Road. After getting shut down for 40min we were finally able to hitch a ride back to the top of Galena Summit. It was a great day, and I can’t wait to get out there again!

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