Free Heal Life 2 Preview

“Josh Madsen delves into where telemark skiing began in his follow up to “The Freeheel Life.” Taking you back to what dropping knees looked like in Morgedal, Norway in the 1860s to when it reemerged in the United States in the early 1970s. The scenery and skiing range from some of the first American telemark skiers, like Tom Carter and Doug Robinson, to their modern day protégés like Weston Deutschlander and Ty Dayberry. Get ready to sit back and enjoy some of today’s most progressive moves on freeheel gear, both on and off-piste. It is a journey through the lives of some of the sport’s Hippies, Punx, & Misfits that you won’t want to miss.

Shot on location in Norway, Utah, Alaska & California

Starring: Weston Deutschlander, Shaun Raskin, Ty Dayberry, Zeph Hallowell, Conor Davis, JT Robinson, Candy Froerer, Dan Ruppel, Josh Madsen, Cody Smith, and Alex Paul” -Telemark Skier Magazine

“The Freeheel Life 2: Hippies Punx & Misfits” Official Trailer from Telemark Skier Magazine on Vimeo.

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