Gaper Day

The last day of the season is always Gaper Day, and with a group that reached 60+ people this Gaperday was truly epic! What is a gaper you might ask?

If you live in a ski town, you deal with them everyday. If you own a season pass, they’re destined to get in your way. And, if you only ride a few times a year, you might be among their ranks.
They’re the people in neon one-piece suits and rear-entry boots standing in the middle of the run, taking pictures of the resort. They’re the people who refuse to buy fat skis and Gor-Tex-enhanced clothing. To you they might be known as Uncle Phil and Aunt Bunny, but to most people they’re known as gapers. -Powder Mag

The Picture Gallery below describes the epic-ness i can’t quite put into words:
Pictures by Reta Flynt

[flagallery gid=12 name=”SPF 36″]

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One comment on “Gaper Day
  1. Lucy Sackbauer says:

    Gaper day looks like a blast!! haha awesome skiing on dirt :)