I’m in Kauai and Excited for SNOW?!

I’ve been in Kauai for a few days now, and I’ve been having a blast! The water is 75° if not warmer, and I’ve had a wonderful time beach-hopping on the North Shore the last few days. I even decided to go on an adventure and got lost in the jungle last night on the “Hunters Moon!” However, I feel like my excitement for this winter and falling snow cannot be tamed by this island paradise. I’ve been; watching ski movies in the morning before the day starts, checking out ski news online at night, and I even ran into my first ski coach, Jeff Mintz, yesterday while walking down the street! Small-World right?  Now I’m sitting here, looking at the snow stake webcam on top of Baldy, and I can’t believe that it snowed 9 inches last night!!! Maybe there is something wrong with me, but I’m stoked for this winter.

Hiking through the forrest on the way to the beach

Beginning of the Napali Coast

Hunter's Moon adventure

It snowed 9in last night (10-23)!!!

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