Jumping Up & Down The Latter

I just got done with the 14th annual Extreme Freeskiing Telemark Championships in Crested Butte, CO. The comp went really well I qualified in 3rd place on Headwall, and after three runs on Sock-it-to-me/Little-Hourglass I jumped from 3rd to 2nd to 5th.  Although I would have liked to stay in the top three, I’m perfectly content with a 5th place finish at nationals (still in the $$$ too)! Tomorrow morning I’m driving over to Salt Lake to catch the awards for my fix-heeled friends at the FWT world champ awards, stash my car, and then catch a plane up to Alaska!

Check Out Telemark Skier’s Video for the CB comp:

Day 1 Highlights US Telemark Extremes 2010 from Telemark Skier Magazine on Vimeo.

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