Moving Forward

Right now there are a lot of new aspects in my life:

To start, Misha is in heat, and she has recently been dubbed “The Diaper Lady” due to her funny looking teal heat/rape prevention diaper/device. As funny as “The Diaper Lady” is to watch roam the house, I think it’s kinda gross changing her, but im a good Daddy… haha. Also, I personally think its a good idea to let Misha mature naturally before getting her fixed, ’till then, I’m changing diapers.

Flash Black is also at a really exciting point: we just had our first sale on, we have expanded to Boise, and we just landed a major corporate account due to the help of our awesome sales rep. at CK Connections. Due to the projected production rate increase, we are considering relaunching Flash Black with new packaging, which will allow for large scale production… It’s all in the making and hopefully you will be seeing the new Flash Black boxes in stores soon.

On the SKIING side of things… I’ve recently been messing around on alpine gear, its been fun to do some GS skiing, and I’ve been doing a little training with Soren Ireland for the Red Bull Banzai races. I think that alpine skiing has motivated me to be able to ski just as hard on my telemark set-up. Right now, I’m debating weather or not to follow Soren to California, and see if I can beet him and Daren Rahlves in BANZAI!!!,  or to hit up the snow at Targhee, to compete in a Freeride Telemark Competition, and see some friends whom I haven’t had the pleasure to see/ski-with in a while… what to do? what to do?

Below are some training shots:
Teal-Black: Conor
Green-Blue: Soren
Photos: Cody Haskell



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