Noob Speed Skiing/Flying

While driving home from my last competition in Targhee, I called my friend Adam Majors who is an avid speed flyer, to see if I might be able to finally get some instruction and speed flights in. As it turned out he was already on his way to Rotarun ski area to fly! After driving 3.5hrs from Targhee, not even stopping at home to unpack for the trip, we pulled into the parking lot and I jumped into my ski gear as fast as I could. My first test “flight” went well and I headed to the top for my second flight. I can even describe how cool it feels. I love how I don’t have to worry about coming close to the ground like I do in paragliding. Once I’m on the ground I’m skiing and when I ski fast enough I can take off and fly! It’s so cool!

I can’t wait to get my own setup and get some more flights in!

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One comment on “Noob Speed Skiing/Flying
  1. Grandma says:

    Looks like you are not afraid of anything. Sounds scary to me, but it must be fun. All I ask is that you be very careful. Don’t want you all brokenup.