After hurting myself I fell out of the rhythm of updating this blog but I’m going to try to be better. I also am going to start to write about all my adventures and life, instead of just skiing.

Resent Life Changes:

-I seriously lucked out with the best puppy ever! I have recently become great friends with a Wolf-Husky-Malamute hybrid, her name is Misha. Her birthday is 3.13.12. I had a lot of fun my first summer with her. I got really into backpacking again, and we went on all kinds of adventures in the Pioneer and Sawtooth Mountain ranges.

-I just quit my job as a graphic designer for Sun Valley Property News in order to focus on running my Company. I’m nervous about not having a steady paying job, but I know that I can make it happen. I’m just really happy to start something new, and its fun to see my vision come into manifestation.

-I am also helping Cross Skiwear as both a brand ambassador/athlete and as a local area representative. If you think that you deserve to get decked out in new threads, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Misha’s First Adventure: Kane Lake, June 2012, 10weeks old…

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