The Fun Continues In AK

So after a nice relaxing day after lying in bed yesterday, I finally got my broken body out of the yurt and into the mountains. We got an early start, but ended up waiting for avalanche debris to be cleared from the highway, then Josh remembered that he’d forgotten his boots/skis, so we finally got going around ten. We did a really mellow tour on a mountain called “Sun Burst.” The snow wasn’t super stable and it was a little crusty, so Corky Still and I ended up doing some sweet powder-8’s for the camera. Then the group mobbed (snow plowed) through the lower death crust to the cars.

On our way back to the yurt we stopped on the side of the road to play in the mud to get some sweet “lifestyle” shots. Having not acted like a 4-year-old in at least a week, I jumped on the opportunity:

[flagallery gid=9 name=”Gallery”]

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